April 22nd, 2004

Im the moderator

This is a community for Sales Reps, Managers and Owners of Cutco. This is also a place for anyone who has questions for and against Cutco or Vector. But there is help for those who need it in their sales.

I am here to support any Cutco reps and help them out with any questions. and also here to talk about the myths and legends about Cutco. And also to encourage other college students to join the cutco/vector team to make a lot of money, it's all up to you!!

I love Cutco. But i also have done a lot of research on it, and i do not presently work for cutco. I would love for people to just come in and talk about whatever they want, whether it is good or bad about Cutco, we need to get it straightened out, right?
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